Growth Hacking Traineeship

  • Flexible starting date
  • Rotterdam
  • Dutch
  • Paid
  • 32 hours / week

Are you looking for a career in (digital) marketing, and are you ready to take your expertise to the next level? Do you want to keep on developing yourself, broaden your knowledge, but do you also want to start getting your hands dirty with work?

Then you are at the right place!

Introducing from the beginning of 2019: the Rockademy. Develop yourself into a Growth Hacker by learning from the best in the field and working on awesome projects with the coolest brands. That’s non-stop personal growth!

Instead of applying your knowledge to just one company, you can hack your own growth by working for and with multiple clients. Learn how to generate growth hacks and apply these to various companies, making you the ultimate, full-stack growth hacker. Thanks to the unique collaboration with our sister-company DotControl, the projects you will be working on are multi-disciplinary and you will gain insights into the development and creative design side too!

Your week is filled with 32 hours of hands-on working, 8 hours of head-on learning. With a tailored traineeship programme, you will develop yourself into a T-shaped Growth Hacker, with expertise in conversion rate optimization, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and search engine advertising. Read on if you want to get a better impression of your week, or what a typical day looks like.

How you explain the job to your friends

“I help companies achieve growth through data-driven marketing tactics.”

What you will be doing

  • 50% Getting hands-on experience by working on projects with clients
  • 20% Testing potential growth hacks, analyzing the results and reporting
  • 10% Meetings with clients to set up projects, fill the sprints or reflect on the collaboration
  • 20% Follow training and courses


Your typical working day

who you meet, what you discuss

It’s a sunny Tuesday morning. You grab a fresh cup of coffee and discuss today’s focus with your colleagues in the stand-up.

After the stand-up, you have your monthly check in with Daphne – the Head of Consultancy. You have a chat about your progress, exchange feedback, establish goals for the coming month and give your Team Happiness Score.

Next up, a meeting with one of our biggest clients. Along with Bart, your fellow growth hacker, you present your framework for increasing app user retention. Your client is impressed and gives you the green light to implement your plans.

It’s 12:15 – you receive a giphy from your colleague that lunch is ready. Everyone needs fuel and so do you. Together with the whole team you share a meal and blow off some steam at the foosball table.

Next up: meeting with another client. This time it’s a B2B client. You discuss a new LinkedIn Campaign to help them reach new potential customers. The campaign ideas are generated in a fruitful session and afterward, you sit with a designer to brief them on the project.

Phew, this day is going well. It’s 16:00, you decide to analyze the results from another campaign you ran last week and then settle back to follow the Growth Marketing course on CXL Institute.